Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ahh,I went to Parade with my parents,sister and Elaine but me and Elaine walk seperately with my parents.So many people there today.At first we went to Kopitiam Junction to eat,I mean I'm the one who ate,not her~she just drank a glass of ice lemon tea and I ordered a ice cream toast and she says she wanna puke watching that ice cream toast =.= how mean of her..And as we were eating,there's this guy with his gf was like "whats up baby" to his friend and we were like laughing after that~he probably tries to act cool =.= too freaking bad he's not..I know I'm being mean here but its the fact.And this Elaine,she want to go to Shibuya but she dont dare to go in =.= We walk past Shibuya so many freakin' times but still she dont dare to go in~But at last we went in,omg so akward,just walking one round and went out.HAHAHAHA
And today Elaine ask me to go Cameron Highlands with her.I was like I wanna go I wanna go since I did not go to Pangkor with her, but I'm afraid that my mum wouldn't let me,and at last after Parade I ask my mum and she say yes.Ahhhh,so happy.But if I go I wouldn't able to watch MusicBank~and I think Shinee is gonna perform tomorrow~OhSoSad : ((( But actually I could watch on the Saturdays : ))

OMG Elaineee,what should I wear tomorrow to Cameron???

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