Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I thought today's activity in school is going to be super bored because they have pentomen or something like that which i dont really care but it turns out to be quite funny..HAHAHA,laughing my ass off all the way.And there's this girl name Chong Kar Lim ,oh my god she act as a raja yang ham sap with the moustache on her mouth, LOL..omg,i'm totally laughing my ass off with Belinda when she was acting.And and and,the worst is i can't freaking believe that our class won 2nd place for pentomen.I dint even think that my class will get into the 3rd place.SOOOOO freakin' hard to believe because there are many other classes that is better than our class~but who cares right..i don't freakin care who wins .I just went there to enjoy myself anyway =p
And today we were like practising for the aerobics for tomorrow in the upper hall and omg we had to do some weird moves,and i'm like EWWW? WTH? can we like NOT do this? its so weird? flapping the arms like a chicken? but at last we did not do that move,woo hooo. luckily,or else i'm soooo gonna look like a RETARD! seriously. uhh..
Anyway,this YeeChen call me to stay back and accompany her to go to Parade.I'm like why you wanna go Parade for? and she's like begging me to stay. uhh,WHATEVER ! but i did not stay and at last she went with SeeYan .fuhhh~
And today again,omg Pn.Chan came in to our class dunno who is she searching for,and ta-daa she saw LaiYee's hair.And not so lucky,obviously LaiYee kena tangkap by Pn.Chan laaa.LaiYee's hair omg,she shaved both of her sides! When everytime i look at her hair,idk,it just annoys me.uhh.
And the worst part is Pn.Chan call LaiYee to wear a tudung.I was like OMG and at the same time ROFLMFAO.The tudung is like,idk,it looks like it has never been wash for a few years? holy crap. who wants to wear it? omg. ahh,forget about this~

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~!! I think i'm gonna get the MIROTIC album tomorrow!! muahahaha..but i'm still waiting for SHINee's album *sobs* when the hell are they going to sell in malaysia?!? arghhhh .

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