Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ahhh,haven't update my blog for two days because I went to KL and then to Port Dickson.I went to KL on friday and my dad and mum went to a furniture shop,omg so bored! After that we went back to my uncles house and rest.At night,my parents and I went to IKEA to makan,no i mean THE CURVE to eat dinner,omg I ate this burger omg so big I mean kinda,make my stomache wanna explode,uhh~whatever then after that went walking arond the mall.
And the next day,we went to 1 Utama for shopping. I bought some clothes and a purple NIKE bottle,awww so cute,haha~ While waiting for my aunt to call,we went to F.O.S to look around.And then as my aunt call I saw this necklace with a KEY on it!! arghhh i want it. But too bad we have to go leave 1 Utama to go to Port Dickson.
I thought Port Dickson is gonna be boring but actually I'm wrong.Its actually quite fun,haha~I stayed in my uncle's friend's house.OMG that house is big,with swimming pool,woah~And then later at night we went to catch hermit crabs on the beach at night.It was scary,haha.We have to like step on those muddy things before we reach the beach,Omg it was so disgusting,ewwwwww
Anyway,I slept quite late hehehe. And the next morning I woke up like 9 something.And about 4 we leave P.D. I wish to go there again. hmmmm

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