Saturday, December 13, 2008


OH MY GOD I've met another cuckoo guy in my msn.And he's worst :S Ok,I was onlining in the morning at around 11,and then as i was chatting,theres this guy who sign in,i dont know whats his name or whatever,i just call the cuckoo guy.LOL.and yeah so he invited me for the webcam thing and i accept,I thought he just wanna show his face to me,and then ta-daa guess what i saw?? Hmmm,i guess you guys can figured it out already~His PRIVATE PART !! ROFL.I dont know exactly know what was he doing at the time~ I was like O.O OMG~i just freak out,its super disgusting and i quickly cancel the conversation and he ask me why did you cancel it? I was like noooooo,i dont wanna see.And he's like please,i'm alone now and I want you to watch.I was like hell noway,go to hell~And he said please again and i was like no~I delete and blocked him after that~OH GOD~why does this kinda people exist in my life????? Well,I think I should not put my msn email address in friendster or whatever it is. *SIGH*

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