Monday, December 15, 2008

Went to church with parents this morning.And then at 11.3o went to pick Elaine and her cousin Stephanie from Elaine's house.The three of us went to Jusco.Went to buy the tickets for movies and then went for lunch in Food&Tea again.Thought of watching Twilight again but it start at 10.30 =.= So we watch The Day The Earth Stood Still.Actually its kinda bored.I mean just a little.And as we were finding our sits,there's a guy there,sitting at the corner,i mean we are supposed to sit with him in that row.And we were like 'omg! who's gonna sit with that guy?' And then Elaine's cousin Stephanie went in first and then me and Elaine.That guy which look more like a rapist asked Stephanie some questions.His pretty annoying actually.And as were were watching halfway Elaine took her phone and type something,and she said the guy infront was me was damn handsome.HAHAHA.The movie ended like about 3.40 i guess? After that we walk again and then decide to go home,we were like discussing how to go home,omg~and then Elaine suggest to take the taxi so we went out,and then were like discussing again,and i heard somebody called my name and i turn around it was Jason.I was like what the hell~so freaked out.LOL.oh god it was so embarrasing! And he said hi and i said hi? so stupid omg.And then saw Isaac too~After that we went home with taxi to Elaine's house.It was raining =.= When we reached Elaine's house,she went down to see if her dog was out,she said no ,so we went was so stupid,standing in the some thieves trying to break in the house.And as we went in,Elaine's dog was like running towards us,and i was like panic-ing.And their like jumping on my leg.OMG~Ate pizza there and maggie.HAHA.and went home about 6.It was a pretty fun day actually.hehehe

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the.lil.princess. said...

im glad i made friends with you mel.NICE TO MEEET YA XD