Saturday, March 7, 2009


Okay so today was my school's sports day.I was damn tired man.At first when i reached school,i thought my friend's werent' coming.I was like oh crap,i havent seen any of my friend.Talked to Judy for awhile and then WeiChing,wait correct spelling right? yeah,came to ask me where's KherShin and i'm like i dont know.Talked for awhile then came Jo.Talked for awhile again.And went lining up at the badminton court.So yeah,to make things shorter,CAVELL was the champion this year,second place was VICTORIA third was CROSBY and NIGHTINGALE came out last.wth but i dont care.HAHA.

While i was onlining this evening,i receive a call from EeMun,i answered but the person was not EeMun,and i was like 'who are you'? and a guy started to talk. And i eventually knows who is that. HAHAHAH geng right me OngOng? muahaha.They ask me to go to Kizuna which is a Jap. restaurant and i was like i dont wanna go,i'm scared. HAHA.and EeMun claims that she is bored.And i believed her.HAHAH but maybe she is really bored. And then he says there is only a few people going.So i was like oookayyy,see first la.I asked my dad and he says i can go.So i smsed EeMun.And when i reached there,Eemun was like 'dont be surprise' and went i went in..TADAA~~there was more than 4 people! OMG YOU EVIL ONGONG how dare you prank me.And EeMun was like sorry Mel,and i was like its okay la i'm not bored.Well i'm really not bored la.haha dont worry la,really.And Louis the DAIB was there.LOL OMG man, if you read my blog,you're such a GILASS~~muahahaha and for you ONGONG STOP calling me COCONUT HAIR you ASS.I can't believe you called me that infront of everyone.and you Louis,SUSUSUSU~lol you wanna drink milk? HAHAHAHAHA,lmao.And one more thing,OngOng you better stop stepping on my leg i tell you,purposely.. AND i'm a VERY GOOD GIRL ,i dont go to clubs,hahaha as if right? i know. You wait la,i'm so gonna post your picture in my blog with the handbag you're holding.IT'S TIME FOR REVENGE.muahahahahaha *giving that evil look* and ONE MORE THING you better delete your post about the ccn hair thing.Anyway,talked alot with EeMun hahaha.And i kept looking at EeMun hahahaha wth.

And okay fine this time i really admit that i am shy.But at least i talked to you right? hahahaha

Okay people have to go offline now
i know its damn early ; 11:07

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