Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday was my mum's friend 20th wedding anniversary at Citrus. And i curled my hair! HAHA. I mean its temporaly one la. So anyway, the food there was awesome. I should take some pictures of the food! Hmph! ah nevermind. Anyway the Strawberry Crumble there was seriously awesome! I also camwhored in the toilet cause i was kinda bored. For now, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

On the way to the saloon/salon. Somehow, i just love this picture and my hair is like damn long!

I look like some kinda retard.LOL

Lena,Jason,Baby Ryan and Me.

Aunty Beatrice.


Ryan ! Isn't he cute?

Nat , Reese , Me.

Reese and Me <3

OMG. Damn cute. I wanna take her home. HAHAHA.

After dinner. Still wanna camwhore like crazy! :

HAHAHA. I look super mature I know. Shut up. I freaking slept at 2pm yesterday. And oh boy, my hand is aching like shit cause I was carrying Reese. Damn!

I went to Jusco with my mum last week and went in to SaSa and i applied this onto my hands:

Yes. Body Glitters. Reminds me off Edward Cullen was he is exposed to the sun !

Spell MELANIE and guess whats this?

tagged by : KAIWEN

1.Do you habe any secrets?
Does it matter?

2.Have you tried not eating anything for a few days?
No, do you think i will? lol

3.Do you enjoy going school?

4.Coffee or more coffee?
I dont really drink coffee , so yeah whatever.

5.Laughter or forever smile?

6.Who is more important.Lover or bestfriends?
Definitely lover!

7.The person you like is already attached, what will you do?
I can't do anything.

8.What made you smile today.

9.Angelic or devilish?
Duh! Angelic.

10.How would you see yourself in 10 years time.
Happily married. Kidding. No idea though.

11.Who are currently most important people to you?

12.What is the most important thing in life?
God, family,myself,friends and no idea.

13.Are you single or attached?
Single for 16 years !!

14.What is your favourite colour?
Black please.

15.What is your wish?
Do you think i'm gonna tell? No.

16.Have you ever wondered what would happen after life?
No idea.

17.Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?
Depends on the situation. I mean why not?

18.Which do you prefer?Spending time with your family or being close with people who understands you?
No idea. Myself would be better.

19.What is your biggest regret in your life?
No idea.

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Seng Hoo said...

Will never understand women with their hair perming issues.

& I know what those biscuits are, I ate them before! ;p