Thursday, July 30, 2009


=Went for squash again today. And omg it was so tiring. As usual. Yue Fai joined us for awhile today. He's such a pro. Well, to me coz I can't play squash very well. And, luckily I know how to play a lil bit of badminton, if not, I think I can't even get to hit the damn ball and at the same time, I'll be shouting like some ass. Lol. Yes, I'm such a noob in playing squash and I sucked at it. Well, practice makes perfect I guess.

THIS ASS is such an ass. Omg. I have no idea who the hell is she. I logged in to Friendster, and I clicked the 'who viewed me' word, and I saw this girl using the same primary picture as mine. Man, I dont like this. I'm so pissed right now. Of all the people whos using Friendster, why take my picture? Omg *curse the girl* hahahaha. I added her and I wanna see what she's up to. Hmph!

Fyi, I heard that 2 girls in my school is affected with H1N1. I don't know whether its just some stupid rumour spread by some hypocrites or its real. But somehow, I don't feel scared or worried. Haha ! Weird I know. And I also heard that Andersons closed coz theres like 40 plus students affected by H1N1. Omg, this is getting scary.

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