Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Non kpop lovers skip this part or else you'll be bored. kk~

Is forken cute. Okay whatever ignore the forken. I created forken coz i don't wanna type fuck here. Hahaha. What? Forken sounds cute right? Anyways, continue to Nichkhun. God he's cute. He looks like an baby elephant kk~

Cutest thai/chinese guy i've ever seen. No, really. Hey, Golf&Mike is kinda cool to you know.

Nichkhun <3

Oh and this photo is from a ad. Come to Thailand thingy. Turn on to Channel 707, Travel&Living and you'll get to see Nicccccccc. Sometimes kk~

Okay now is he cute or what?!


Oh and this is SHINee's RING DING DONG Music Video!

GO AND WATCH IT NAO. MINHO AND TAEMIN IS FORKEN HOT. And wth i need Taemin's leg, seriously. I would die to have his legs. RAWR. Okay except for his hairs. WHAT? Guys have hairs on their legs ok?!


This is a new boyband I THINK. BEAST if i'm not mistaken. 2nd and 4th guy are pretty hot. Whats with the 5th guy anyway? His hair i mean. He looks like Taemin! Kinda.

Andddddd the 3rd guy looks like GD with the blonde hair in the first picture. Okay wait, actually all 6 of them looks like someone. Lol.

First guy - TOP. I think.
Second guy - KyuhYun/Kimbum
Third - GD. Lol.
Fourth - AJ if you know
Fifth - Taemin <3
Sixth - ChanSung from 2PM

That's just my opinion.

Skipped school today coz there ain't any papers today coz exams has been delayed one day later. Good. And forken HISTORY and MATH paper is tomorrow. Damnit, just damnit. And i'm waiting to flunk History. And i think imma gonna leave every pages blank. Oh you didn't heard that didn't you? Yes, LEAVE EVERY PAGES BLANK! Got it?

Okay okay imma stop typing now and bath and watch Music Bank. Ciao.