Sunday, November 1, 2009



Wow. Looks i like i haven't been updating my blog for ages. I miss blogging. Hahahah. You know why?!


That's why. And i'm so freaking pissed man. Have you had any idea how bored i was? And exams are over now! Phewww, thank God. Like finally.
And nope. My computer is not send to be repaired. YET. I'm currently using my dad's laptop to blog. And to log on to Facebook. The bad thing was i can't use it to go on MSN. Aish. Another bad thing was, i can't type properly with this. I'm not used to using a laptop. Pffft. Makes me type as slow as a tortoise which annoys me. ALOT. And another bad thing was, when i'm typing with this, i get alot of typing errors. Annoying isn't it?

Anyways, i have like truck loads of stuffs to blog about! Hmm let's see...

I went to Parade last week. I mean last last week and i went to ETUDE HOUSE ㅋㅋㅋ. Actually, i forced my mum to go in coz i wanna get LeeMinho's file. Hahahahaha. And i got it. Wheeeee. But obviously it's not for free. You have to like buy more than 10 bucks in order to get the file. I randomly picked something which is...

Oh and i changed my phone's 'skin'. Lol. It's black now and i think i love this one more than the previous one. Kkk~ Yes yes yes i admit that i have nothing better to do. Hahahaha.

Lol. Thanks Jo for the ribbon. Hahaha.

Hey people, I'm an owl. Lololol. What was i trying to do? Lol.

Hahahahahaha. Yes, i scribbled my face. Theres nothing wrong with this picture XD

You know what? I hate the sun. Makes the picture freakin' bright. Lol. I've always hated the sun.
I love this song from PARK HYO SHIN man. I repeat it for like a billion times already. And i was exaggerating. Lol. And i think i heard if for almost 20 times before i go to sleep.
Park Hyo Shin - After Love
Okay, i'm happy now since i updated my blog. Hahahah.

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