Monday, November 24, 2008


OMG,today's day was boring as usual,uhh.I was sticking my ass on the computer chair again,aigoo~
i'm so hopeless,hehehe.I watch MUSIC BANK at 6.10 today and omg DBSK was there singing MIROTIC!! so sexy omg.My mum say Hero's hair kinda look like a girl's hairstyle~but whatever he is one HOT guy~and she says Micky's hair look somekind,HAHAHA and she keep laughing =.= actually I kinda agree too,hehee~he looks weird with that hairstyle,its like uhh,idk just weird.And I was hoping my dear SHINee will appear there,but uhh,their not there.I was sooooo freaking exited hoping that they will be performing the AMIGO song but uhhh,non.And I was hoping they will appear in tomorrow's Star Golden Bell,oh god please please please make them appear in SGB tomorrow. arghhhh~And yeaaaa,I bought two skinny jeans,its red and black.Wheeeeee~~happyyy.
And while I was buying,my mum's friend call and told her something.After that my mum told me that on December 1st or something,there will be like home stay I think,I'm not sure what is it call but yea,there will be children from other country staying in our house.There will be koreans and children from myanmar? there's more actually..I was like WOAH~did I hear KOREANS??? I was super excited! But it may not be koreans,sigh~~I really really hope they're koreans.Wanna make friends with them,it will be super super fun,heee;) Cant wait till the day comes.I'm so gonna pray to GOD tonight that they're Koreans,oh come on make my wish come true,PLEASEEEEEE,sighhhh~~~

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