Tuesday, November 25, 2008

: (

OMG,today when my sister on the computer,the stupid screen won't move,it just stuck there.I was like aigoo~dont tell me spoil again ar?! Then after restart for a few times,I realize that the keyboard was not working,thats why the screen was stuck.Stupid keyboard,useless~make me online so late,I cant live without the computer!!Then after that my dad when to take the keyboard to the shop and he told me there was nothing wrong with the keyboard and i'm like WHAT?! uhh,whatever~
And I was kinda dissapointed today the moment I on channel 303 to watch Star Golden Bell.I thought that my dear SHINee is appearing there.And I was like where is SHINee? where is SHINee,I dont see them! Aigoo~must wait another week.It's torture for me to NOT look at them like a day *sigh* but its okay I can wait for the sake of my dear SHINee.
And Elaine,I'm sooooo sorry that I can't go to Pangkor with you.I really really want to go but what to do? My parents omg.Don't hate me,hate my parents,ass. heee:) But don't hate my parents.HAHAHAHA~~

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