Sunday, November 16, 2008


WHEEEEEEEEE,I at last went to Parade to get rid I mean change the JayChou poster..phewwww.
*sigh of relief* hehehe. The poster is soooo BIG..omg,I LOVE IT !!
Anyway,after that I went to a restaurant,I mean its not a restaurant with aircond inside..ok forget about that..there's this two guys sitting opposite my table,omg they talk so damn loud.and all those badwords..omg! They talk as if no one is around them =.=" and I think they're gay bacause they even go to the toilet together,LMAO!ok maybe they're not.. and and and after that omg,idk what are they talking,oh ya,the guy was talking about his wife..hehe.. and my mum started laughing and I started laughing too..till my tears flow..HAHAHA. what a day...

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