Friday, November 14, 2008


OMG,today woke up early again to go for dentist to do scalling .I was waiting there and suddenly the dentist call me in and I sat on the chair feeling scared and nervous as usual. uhh.Then she start to do the scalling ..omg sooooo freakin' pain man,but i can stand.When she call me to spit the saliva out it's all BLOOD .that's disgusting ewwww~but WHATEVER.and she tought me how to brush my teeth properly ishh,like i dont know how to brush my own teeth and she also told me to not eat so much sweet. this is torture!! ahhh
Anyway,I dyed my hair today with Elaineeeee,and erm I dyed brown but the colour at the bottom doesnt seem to serap.HAHA.whatever la,anyway its nice =DDD btw,I hope I dont look like a samseng or lala mui and I dont hope that people come telling me that I look like one.

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