Thursday, November 13, 2008


OMG,so bored at school today~i mean kinda,we have dunno what penghargaan thingy and bla bla bla. After that we watched 'THE GAME PLAN'.I actually watched it for the 2nd time already.But it's still not bored for me.hehehe.And after recess we went up upper hall again to watch 'HORTON' or something like that.its B-O-R-I-N-G !! dunno what the heck are they talking,so after wacthing half way,i'm like lying down on the floor to sleep=] so damn sleepy at that time.When the show ended,I went back home with KherShin..
After I went back,my mom fetch my sister to buy her textbook because she lost it? we went to giant at first but they din't sell and we went to parade punya novel hut,and i'm like wth i should have brought the stupid JayChou poster with me if I knew I go Parade. I'm pissed again! hahaha.
It was so close to get rid of the JayChou poster. damn it ~~but nevermind,mom say she'll bring me to Parade on Sunday.hahaha..but what if the poster finish?? I'm so gonna kill them .uhh
Ishh,going to dentist tomorrow again for scalling!!! damn scared .After that I think i'm gonna go dye my hair with Elanieeee. yea,can't wait for my hair to be dyed!!
And wheeeeeeee,no more school for me!! BYE BYE SCHOOL,HELLO HOLIDAYS!!

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