Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OMG,I can't believe I just did aerobic this morning! so embarrasing,damn it~and and Cik Azana gave us a note saying'DO NOT LAUGH ON STAGE BE MORE SERIOUS'~~ Before I went up the stage,i'm sooooo freakin' scared and nervous and my hand is all cold~. And when it is our turn to perform i'm like SHIT!SHIT!SHIT! OMG!~When we're perfoming I'm like laughing and smiling all the way,idk why..But i think we did well except we just mess up in the middle~hehehe.The worst part is we gotta shake our ass? like WTH? is that part of the aerobics movement?!? But whatever I din't really shake my ass because my friends are blocking me,yea lucky huh? HAHAHA.
Anyways,let forget about this,and when I get down the stage I'm like OMG!! soooo embarrasing~
and quickly run to the place where my friends are sitting,sooo yea ;)
And after recess,we went to the upper hall to go watch movies. Ermm,we watch 'I AM LEGEND' and Natasha said she watched the movie so she say there is this part which is quite scary,not really scary actually.And i'm like closing my face except for the eyes,and she's like Mel you gotta watch this part,and i'm like oooookayyy i'm watching! And suddenly ta-daa there's this human suddenly pop out of the screen and I shouted? WTH . And as we're watching the movie it stuck half way,and I'm like.....? i wanna continue watching but the thing won't work,so we end up watching 'MADAGASCAR' . hahaha,quite funny laa.
And and and AT LASTTTT,the MIROTIC CD is in my hands !!! muahahahaha, so happy laaa,but at the same time still pissed because of the poster.I wanna go change it!! I don't like JayChou la OMG! ishhhhhh !!

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