Wednesday, December 24, 2008

23.08.2008 <3

WHEEEEEEEEEEE~went to Jusco today with Kher Shin.No,actually she called me first and i was like wait i gotta ask my mum first and i'll call you back later.I called my mum and she said yes.So i called her back and she told me to go at 3.After reaching there,we walk for awhile and then went to the cinema to check out what movie were showing.And all the movie start like 5 oclock~except for Transporter3 it start at 4.10 but too bad its 18SG.We cant watch =.= so Kher Shin suggest to go to Secret Recipe.I ordered this chocolate cake with the strawberry thingy.Its delicious~yum yum but as soon as i finished the cake i was so damn full and i had to like drink a cup of iced lemon tea.After eating we went to walk again.Went to MPH~Kher Shin wanna search for some books.Went in there,found a copy of Galaxie,saw Edward's picture and quickly search for the crazy was i? lol.Found the page, read it and it says that Edward doesnt wash his hair often =.= I was like wth? but who cares right? his Edward Cullen.haha. I showed it to Kher Shin.HAHAHA went to Popular after that search for some books again.And then went to the supermarket.Kher Shin wanna buy some cheese and then i bought Chipster and and lollipop.hehehe After paying,went to the bread shop and went to buy Aunty my dad and went home.

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