Tuesday, December 23, 2008


OOOOHHHH YEAHHHH!~got back from KL and didnt blog for like 4 days,wait its 5~no its 4~WHATEVER~4 to 5 days.Erm went on Friday and came back on Monday.On the first day,leave Ipoh at 9 and reach there like 11 something.Went to pick my brother in Rawang and then went to the hotel.Its called Shang RiLa Hotel~5 star hotel.RM 1000 for one night actually but got promotion so its RM 500~still expensive to me actually~After reaching the hotel,my mum and her bunch of friends when to check in to the hotel.And we were sitting inside the lounge,got free drinks summore~cool.After that went to the room~it was kinda small actually but its nice.There's a flat screen TV inside there~and then my mum went to open the drawer and told us not to eat the food in the fridge.And then there's this oreo biscuit,they sell it for like RM18 and i was like what the hell,you can get like maybe RM4 here in Jusco's supermarket.And omg actually all the food there was expensive~as were in the hotel room,i kept complaining of boredomness~and my dad suggest that we go for a walk in the shopping mall or whatever~so we did.bro and sis didnt follow us,they went swimming.After we reached the shopping mall,i'm like wth.there's nothing special there.So boring~like there isnt much people there too~after that went to another shopping mall,its a small shopping mall actually~not the big ones.There's nothing there too~really.And after that went to this wisma something something,dont know whats that~there's this korean's a shop i guess,if i'm not mistaken.yeah i wanted to go in,but my mum didnt hear me talking to her so i was like hmm,nevermind.So we walk out,and then bought a doughnut from Dunkin' Doughnuts.what else can you say? its awfully delicious.haha but i was full at that time.After that went back to hotel and then went in the lounge again to eat as the foos there is free.yeah free~oh god,the food there is delicious too.well,kinda.hmmm after that went to a buffet in the hotel.My mum told me its like RM100 per person but its RM60 after discount.still expensive =.= when i went in i saw this chocolate fountain~wooooo hooooo i'm in heavens man.and i took three marshmallows,2 strawberry's and erm 2 grapes amd i dip in the taste good but after eating i feel kinda full already.after that went to eat sushi and 1 california roll.And i was so freaking full after stomache cant take in any more food~i am guessing that you will think that its little.can't breath man.As i were sitting down,my mum's friend call me to eat more.I was like noooo,i'm full,later.HAHAHAHA
but i didnt.I'm just too full you know~and later i ate ice cream but still feeling full : ( hmmm,after that went to walk/exercise outside the i mean beside the road.HAHAHAH nah,just walking.Woahh~and there is soooo many noisy.the music and all.It was cool actually.many people there.I wish Ipoh was like's no fun =X After that went back to the hotel room~and went to bath~as i were bathing suddenly the toilet lights off because of my dad.he press the wrong button and he doesnt know how to on back.I was like mind was imagining all those stupid 'stuff' again.And then i was like yelling at him,telling wish button to push but he still dont i have to come out,with the towel rapping around my body and push the button =.= uhhhh scare the shit outta me.SERIOUSLY.after that went to bed.
And then the next morning,bro and sis went down to swim again and mum and dad went for breakfast.And i'm alone in the hotel room.I'm scared actually eventhough its morning.okay i admit i'm a scary cat.I on the TV and its showing 1000 BC so i watched i was watching there's this guy rang the door bell for room servise i think.i was like wth what am i going to do? he kept ringing the door bell and i kept ignoring bad was i? and then he went.I went to bath after that.feeling scared again =.= After that we went to suria klcc for shopping wooo hoooo but there's nothing muchto buy.i didnt even bought a thing.uhh i thought i would buy something there.after shopping we went back to the hotel,and went in the lounge again to eat.uhh~EAT.EAT.EAT is what we do in the hotel.HAHAHAHA what to do? its holiday.HAHAHA went to Pavillion after that.nothing to do there.all branded stuff =.= BORING!
and after that went to the time we finish eating its like 10.20 already and the business hour is like 10am-10pm.The doors were all closed,and we were like finding the doorway was fun.and then we walk back home to the hotel.phewwww it was really tiring walking back to the hotel.after that went back to the hotel room~both of my legs were like aching.sooooo tired.Bathed and went to bed.
Next day,i mean its the last day in this hotel,checked out and went to 1 Utama~wooooo hooooo i can do my shopping there.bought some clothes from MOMOE.its like a japanese shop actually.Went to MPH and bought New Moon.ohh yeahhh~and erm,oh yeah i bought a key necklace.hehehehe a black one =DDD happy la.After shopping went to uncle's house in Rawang.stayed one night there.went to Ikea the next morning~no went to The Curve 1st and then bought a shirt was cheap : ) and then went back to Ikea to eat hotdogs =.= and went to see furniture in Selayang.dont know where's that place =.= after that went to eat dinner and leave.reached Ipoh at about 10.and after taking a bath.on the computer.HAHAHAHA

ok erm well,i think my story is too long.HAHAAHAHAHAH
i'm outta here =DD

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jonboi said...

wat lar u!
eh i could imagine ur dad doing dat lar...
and den u cmg out of the bathroom like sushi!
haha!!! if i were there...i laugh like hell lar!!
haha.....war...go wif frens dunt call me lar...