Monday, December 8, 2008


Yeah,today is another boring day as usual~was onlining the whole day again,i mean not the whole day,just for a couple of hours.And then at 2 went to eat our lunch? Um,actually we can't i mean my family cant decide where to eat and then we went to Jusco to had our lunch.Food&Tea again=.= I just went there yesterday with Elaine.And um i ordered the exact same food as yesterdays and after ordering,there's this waitress came back to tell us that there is no more um,that tuna thing and i was like ooookayyy,i'll order something else.After finish eating,erm i pass by Popular Bookstore and I saw TWILIGHT story book is displayed inside the bookstore.I was like awwww,i want that book :S Hmmm,anyway i think i will get it soon.I mean i will get it as soon as possible.I was even addicted to Twilight after watching the movie : ) So yeah,went back and continue to online.How useless am i? Always doing nothing but onlining 24/7 =.= but at least its better than going to school facing all those annoying teachers right?

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jonboi said...

haha...boring lar...haha...
teacher is annoying?