Sunday, December 7, 2008


Wheeeeeeeeeee~i finally watch TWILIGHT today with Elaine in Jusco : ) OMG~Edward is DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS in that movie!! *screams* I'm deeply in love with him right now : ) I wanna watch again~Edward & Bella is so romantic~sigh.I wish the movie would not end.And I'm so gonna watch the movie again.I mean I MUST~And I heard that TWILIGHT 2 is coming out,but I dont know when,*sigh*.
We bought the 2.10 pm ticket.And before the movie start,Elaine and me were like eating our lunch in Food&Tea.And then we went to MNG.We camwhored inside the MNG fitting room~so lame isnt it? hahaha.While El was camwhoring I took her phone and its 2.07 already and i'm like wth we're gonna be late.And I just simply put the shirt and ran off =.= We were totally late.LATE LATE LATE.the movie started and the people was like sitting in their sits? I'm like omg where is ours? we're so confused and we went to the right and then to the left =.= sounds stupid huh? we actually are =.= Finally we saw 2 sits but its not ours.Some jerks sat on ours and we have two sit there.But it doesn't matter actually coz its still in the same row.The conclusion is I really really really had a great time today~HAHAHA.

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