Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ahhh,at last i came back to Ipoh,really miss Ipoh~hold on,i miss my house,my bed and my computer but not Ipoh.HAHAHA. Okay,yerterday suppose to go to Elaine's house at 8.30 am but i reached there at 9 am.And El told me that we will be leaving at 11 something but instead we leave at 1 something.Before going to Cameron we took our lunch and after that start our journey.In the car,we took some pictures~because there's nothing much to do in the car =.=


taken by,EL candid shot

And erm,we stayed in an appartment or erm,I'm not quite sure what izit called =.= yea,we got down the car and El took this picture.


taken by me.its THE SUN.isn't it nice? oh boy,like i've never seen a sun before =.=

After that,we went up to the room and once i step on the floor.OMG~so freakin cold.And i ask El whether she brought socks and she said no.I'm like ooookayyyyy.And when i saw the Astro i'm so happy.HAHAHA.after that erm,El's mum was playing mahjong with her aunties and her bro was playing chor tai di.WTH~i dont even know how to play~how dumb am i? uhh~And as they were playing there is someone told us that they are going to spray the mosquito thingy in to the house~dont know whats that called =.= and we have to go out the appartment.As we were outside,El took some pictures.

The appartment is on fire! ROFL nah~it was actually the mosquito thingy.

El's bro's car is on fire too,LMAO. nahh~its the mosquito thingy againnn.ROFL.

awww,arent these flowers pretty? its absolutely NOT from KEY~

After we went back up,El took this picture again.

OOH LA LA~~doesnt it looks kinda haunted??

And I watched MusicBank there,lalalala so happy~~and SHINee perform their Amigo song *faints* After watching MusicBank,i mean i didn't finish watching but i'm glad that i watched SHINee's performance *smile widely* we went to dinner for steamboat~ooh la la.Here's the pictures : )

Actually the food almost finished =.= Thats my bowl,wahahaha.

ELAINE specially peeled the prawn for me ; ) thanks EL <333>After eating,we went to Secret Recipe to buy cakes,El wanna eat.When we are on the way,the damn wind is so freakin cold~and we keep laughing in the car.After we reach,there is no Secret Recipe,too bad El.So her bro went to KFC.After buying we went back to that appartment. El and her bro continue to play chor tai di,I'm as usual watching the TV again until erm..12 something.After that El call me play chor tai di with her and i have no idea how to play,so she teached me~i only won her twice =.= but its okay for a noob player like me.HAHAHA and we slept at 2 something,I mean El.I cant sleep,idk why.I think i slept at erm 3..zomg.And the next day i woke up at 9 something.As we were packing our stuff,there is this stupid bug under El's bag~scary.And she told me "Mel,do you think there is bug inside my bag?" And i'm like no,coz your bag is closed~when she opened the bag,i saw the bug and we're like screaming our lungs out.So this is a picture of that stupid bug.

Feel like squashing it.HAHAHA

Luckily her mum didnt come and ask us what happen.We later went to eat our lunch.And then went to this temple.And after that went to this garden? erm,not sure what izit called again =.= full with flowers.HAHAHA,we took some pictures of some weird flowers~one of them is like banana =.= And after that we went to BOH plantation : ) We went back after that.

OMG~at last i finish posting this.It tooks me 2 days.WTH!~~

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