Thursday, December 4, 2008


OMG~yesterday there's this guy who added me from CY.He's a real cuckoo.He kept asking me all those weird weird questions =.= at first he asked are you a good kisser? and i'm like no? I havent kissed a guy yet =.= And then he ask me do you have a boyfriend? and i'm like no? not even once. then nevermind,he ask me you like sex? i'M like WTH? hell noway.And i ask him you like it? he said HAHA =.= and then he ask me the worst question people have ever asked me~uhh,he said have you masturbate or something like that? I'm like what the heck? nowayyyy..why would i? have you? And he replied sometimes,its hard for me to do..i'm like O.O OMG~he's like the worst person i've ever met.SERIOUSLY.and guess what i wrote in my msn's primary message? I wrote oh my god,you are really scaring me.SERIOUSLY.are you a stalker or something? then after a few seconds he saw my primary message and he said "nooooooooo i'm not a stalker,i'm just wondering" And i'm like no,i'm not describing you,its another person.ROFL I think i should just delete him in my msn.Gosh,i dont wanna meet another cuckoo like him~its scary.

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