Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday night when I was onlining,Su Fynn gave me this website and she call me to play this game.So i was like okay,but actually i didn't want to play so i just leave it there.After a few seconds she replied,eh you play already ar?scared anot? And i was like erm,oh i was in the middle of the game but actually i havent start playing.So i quickly went to play.At first i dont really know how to play,and then she tought me i was like oh okay i got it.There's 3 levels~1,2 and 3.I pass level 1 and 2 but as i was playing level 3,i was so focus on that game and suddenly a ghost appeared infront of the screen and was screaming.My body was like O.O and i was like WTH~it scare the crap outta ain't funny~if i had heart attack i seriously WOULD die,HAHAHAHA

Su Fynn if you really happen to read my blog one day,I hope you read this.I'm sorry to say but I Hate You : )

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