Sunday, December 28, 2008


wow,it's has been very long since i didnt update my blog.well actually it's just a few days only.haha
what to do? lazy people are like that XD yesterday when i was still sleeping,my bro came in to my room and woke me up and told me that there's this pos laju man waiting for me ouside to get my signature.i was like wth 11 already ar? nvm lor,i went down,wait a sec! i quickly went to brush my teeth and then went down,luckily i was wearing shorts and a tshirt HAHAHA so still feeling quite blur,i was like standing at the front and then my maid was like yelling and say the man was waiting outside i was like okay..and went to sign and took the thing.went up stairs straight to the computer and online.HAHAHAH.i open the thing,i mean present,it was from max.its a necklace.ita awesome! haha,i'm not joking ok max.thanks anyway : )

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