Monday, December 29, 2008


Went to Jusco with Guo Juen today.haha i have no idea his name was pronounse as Gua? i dont know lol.Ok so we met at the cinema,i was standing at a side acutally so i went to him and he was like hey? HAHAHAHAH bought the tickets for THE SPIRIT and went to Food& i dont know what to talk.and then he was like 'look at that guys shirt,and its Jonathan and i was like omg! i should avoid him..HAHAHAHA!SORRY JONATHAN!! so i tried to like not to look at him.wanted to pay the bill,and then Guo Juen was like nevermind i pay and after that i gave him RM10 and he say nevermind and i said take la take la take at last he took=.= btw,Jonathan didnt even realize i was passing by blur fella~and then went up again,went inside capcom and then walk around la and then went to wait outside the cinema.After thatwe went in and find our seats and um we were pretty early haha! better than late la,and then saw Jonathan again,he was sitting infront of me and yet he did not saw me.oh well nevermind maybe it was dark la.and then we were like watching the movie la,so there's some funny part haha! but there were some boring part =.= and i bet the cacated cinema go and cut the kissing scenes again =.= wth right? haha anyway after the movie end we were like walking here and there like so many damn times.haih what to do? Jusco was so damn small unlike KL's went down and walk one round and went up again.OMG~seriously i dont know what to say la,so quiet la.hahahaha i know he is boring!! SORRY LA DUDE! haha aiyahh,nevermind i went to call my dad and then he was like huh? come now ar? i'm at my friends house.and i was like huh? my friend go back already la.and he was like you go to mph first la.I was like okay what time are you coming? and he said about 5. and i was like omg 5? gonna wait for like another 30 minutes.nevermind la,went to mph to kill time by reading some rubbish haha! so yeah,dad came and went home.

by the way,i really wanna know why the hell am i so shy?

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