Sunday, January 4, 2009

3.1.2009 IT'S A NIGHT TO REMEMBER <333

Yesterday at 4 p.m went to Wesley Church together with Joanna,Dawn,Nikki,my sis and bro.Reach there and it was still raining.Saw JoJo there.At first it was boring there,standing there like a retard! walking here and there,dont know what to see also~but as time passes,haha i'm getting to have more fun.Ahh there is also hip hop competition.HAHAHAH Shingo was in~oh man he's dance just make everyone laugh their ass off! and for sure i'm laughing too : ) oh and he has many supporters too.And the funniest thing is,when he was dancing he threw his slippers.hahahah!! oh man.super funny wei.But too bad he didnt win.After that we sang songs and after that woah,everyone was like jumping up and down on the stage! and the stage was like shaking =X i was like oh my god i hope the stage wouldnt break.HAHA! so yeah.oh my it was so sad you know to see people missing their friends.haihhh~oh and then i met many korean's there woooo hoooo!! we exchange email adress,and i hope i will get to know them better through msn or whatever.Oh yea and btw,talked with this korean guy for awhile,it was quite hard to understand what was he saying as he didnt knew english very well,he speak korean with me but i only can understand abit..i was like what? what? haha teruk la..and i asked him how old was he and he said 17..i was like oh my god? 17..i look more older than him.wth. We went back at 10.40 and reached home at almost 11.Came back and start adding people before i lost the paper.and after that went to create an msn account for Hikari.i slept at almost 1 i guess.

This morning,woke up at 8 something as my parents have to sent Srey Lux to the bus station.Reach bus station at 9 i guess.Met Hanny,Aldo and Jason look a like.HAHAH his name was Isaac.hmmm and omg their making me feel sad.sigh~and then went to church after that.And we leave at 10.30 coz Hikari wanna buy some stuff in Jusco.So i accompany her to Jusco while my mum was still in church.Bought some stationery in MPH for school and i also bought the cream for my hair.Gotta dye it back.and then after that went to pick my mum from churhc and went to Wesley church again to leave Hikari there.oh i'll be missing her as she go back to Japan.And then went to makan at dont know where.

Reached house at 1 something and my mum help me to dye my hair.And after washing,omg its brown in colour but when i go out to the bright place its still light brown.shit wei!!how lah tomoro?? gonna kena nicely from teacher already.haha

So i guess after posting this i'm not gonna post anymore until next week.haihh charm la..weekdays no computer.aiyo,i dont know who can survive without computer la? i will surely miss chatting with people.sigh and school is tomorrow? wth.. oh no no no no ! i'm excited to meet my friends but i'm lazy to go to school.have to wake up early and all..damn!starting my form 4 life.oh well,i guess i have to work real hard this year,not a honeymoon year for me i guess~sigh and btw,can't wait until my birthday! 8 more days to go and i will be 16,duh! 1 year older : (

So,peace and God bless everyone.
It's me MEL signing off,tata~

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