Saturday, January 3, 2009

This morning woke up at 8.40,went to bath and ate breakfast at kopitiam located at the back of Jusco.It was raining!!! its so messy inside kopitiam la,coz they were like so many people plus the foreigners and all..messy betul.After that took some group pictures.haha.hmm after eating went to Jusco.Bought some groceries in the supermarket and then went to capcom to take pictures.woah its so pack man! and we were like running out of time.I actually wanna take a picture of me and Hikari only..but some of them came inside that thingy,dont know whats that called =.= oh well,its okay..haha the more ppl the better.After that went ground floor to wait for the rest of the people.And then went to lunch in town.i forgot whats the shops name.oh my so forgetful.And then as we were eating,i was like looking at Shingo,and he asked me..'Melanie what are you looking at? laugh my ass off,i was like nothing? ok whatever.ish.and then went back.and later going to the Wesley church,something going on.carnival? i hope it will be fun there. oh my,no no no its 3:16 pm and its still no no..haha

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