Saturday, February 7, 2009


For Christ sake at last i online~it has been like a trilllion years since i've onlined.AND my poor blog has been abandoned by me for like years. But it's not my freaking fault la~busy shifting to new house,and when i shift in there is no astro,no house phone and NO INTERNET! how am i suppose to live without this 3 things? especially the internet. I've been suffering you know~darnit but the suffering days are all over.THANK GOD!
When to KL for Chinese New Year,and collected ANGPAOS.yes.angpao haha haih it's too little la,well to me la.but it's okay la. better than nothing : ) AND! at last i got myself a cellphone! YES MAN! hoorayyy! and thanks to my angpao that i collected la.HAHA
School these days sucks to the core.Economics,Accounts,Addmaths..what else? dont know.urghh~this 3 subjects are so darn confusing especially accounts and addmaths.They are seriously killing me.And i want to avoid/runaway from this 3 subjects.And who the heck created addmaths? cacat fella. why do you even exist? lol and teachers oh my god.their totally killing/torturing us with homeworks la.OMG can't they give us a sec to rest? oh well..teachers are teachers.all cacat one.
i guess thats all for now. toodles : )

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