Thursday, May 28, 2009


Whats with the bloody internet connection these days? It's bloody annoying man i tell you! Arghhh!! Especially when you wanna sign in to MSN , it keeps troubleshooting and troubleshooting and troubleshooting for like a few minutes. Can you people like sue Telekom? or sue whatever thats connected to Streamyx? Help please? Anyone? *puppy eyes* haha! Anyway,back to the connection thing , its seriously getting on my nerves!! Urghh!

Won't be going to school tomorrow as i know it's gonna be bored coz there's some teachers day stuff going on. YAY! Plus holidays coming and i'm so exited :) Actually there's nothing to be excited about.I got back some of my exam papers,i know,don't ask,its sucks to the core.Ish anyway,I can't wait to go to Prom! You know, since it's my first time =D

Btw, it's so bored in class today.And during our Bm period Me,Judith & Danielle were like randomly drawing each others hands since our Bm teacher was not here. haha! And Judith says her hands looks like one of those hippies lol. Here are one of the pictures.

My hands.Nice right? Judith drew this. Tripple B baby! Boxers , Bikini and a Barcode lol
pretty pretty pretty ! <3

HAHA! I look damn lala in this 2 pictures man! With curly hair and all. Fyi,my hair is not curly la k. And wtf YeeChen says i look 18 plus years old. Okay la nevermind i admit.

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