Sunday, June 28, 2009


Went to Houz at almost 10.30. YuWen's mum fetched us there. I thought she will be coming at 9.30 or something. But she came at 10 plus. Make me waited for almost 30 plus minutes. Grr. Ah, nevermind. Haha. Houz is really bored. Maybe they're not many people yet. So, we then proceed to Barroom. Barroom is actually kinda small I would say? Mindy gave me a bottle of Heineken, I drank less than half of the bottle and put it back on the table and guess what? In less than 5 freaking seconds the damn bottle was gone. lol. Lifeless human taking people's Heineken. haha !

Barroom is kinda small I would say. Anyway, as we were dancing and all, some ofmy friends say they wanted to go to Voodoo. So, I went there with 3 of my friends, her bf's friend and her bf. Her bf drove us there. People in Voodoo is crazy. lol. Sheue Li's leg got cut. Coz someone accidently drop the bottle and in freaking broke. Her leg was bleeding omg.

Walked back to Barroom to join my other friends. As wer were walking, theres this 2 assholes kept following us. You have no freaking idea how afraid I was seriously. I was like 'shit shit shittttt'..and told my friend to walk faster. Uh. And YuWen, omg she dance on top of the freaking table and so is Mindy. Isn't it a lil crazy though? Hmmm. When the song Boom Boom Pow was playing, everyone went crazy. lol.

I'm gonna cut this real short coz I actually forgot what happened. Saw KeiYan there, and she was like why are you here? haha! Oh and, just so you know, I'm not drunk okay ? Uh. And I made a new friend, Alvin.

Dont know what happened next and went back at around 3 plus. Oh my goodness it was damn tiring seriously. Went back home, kept ringing the door bell, but my maid didnt open the door for me. Thank goodness I took along my house key. Get changed, and my body is filled with the smell of ciggarette. Wth, this is so not cool. Anyway, I faster put myself to sleep so that I wont get tired the next day. Woke up at 11.30 and here I am, blogging about last night.

WaiMun, Me and SheueLi. Hello? my dress is not that short okay, but idk why it looks short here. lol.

While waiting for YuWen's mum to arrive, I took pictures to kill time!

Conclusion is, Clubbing = Tiring. Bye :)

We'll go clubbing next time okay Kenji, Sohai betul. Don't say I didnt write your name now. NMH !

Btw, braces or no braces? Now or later?

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