Sunday, July 5, 2009


Omg, I am so freaking bored till I have no stinking idea what to blog about, seriously. Okay, uh let's just start from yesterday, during tuition. Started chapter 7 which is Probability 1. I don't really know whats the teacher talking about actually. Its head head tail (HHT), tail head head (THH) bla bla bla. It's so freaking bored, really. And guess what? I created names for HHT & THH. haha. HHT stands for &%#^$@ and THH stands for ^#%^$@. haha not gonna write it here though.

Went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Akamomiji. Ordered Grilled Chicken Teriyaki or something like that. Wow, really nice. And I was so damn full after eating.

Hmmm, what did I did today? Well, I'm not sure what I did today actually. I don't even know what am I writing for goodnesss sake ! Oh yeah Max, when you come back from Japan, Imma freaking kill you, you ass ! Whore !!!

Dull Boys Singing Karaoke huh???!!

Well, screw you hard man !!! Stop insulting those innocent boys, will you? hahaha !

Hahaha ! Purposely place the book near me. Edward !! Max stop insulting him ! Geez, how insulting of you. Shut up.

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