Monday, August 3, 2009


Went to Jusco yesterday with Elaine, Yvonne and Max. Reached there at about 2 and walk in straight to K-Box. Hah! I had fun singing there. And Max, oh Max, you're so dumb sitting like a statue not singing. You kisama! Went back at 5 and there's dinner at 8. So yeah. And my gawd had fun watching the variety show thingy in Jo's laptop. HAHA DongBang oh DongBang, the cutest thing ever.

Pictures ;
Don't kill me please, thank you.

I don't look 16 here. Whatever.

Anyway, I cut my frinch this morning. It didnt turn out to what I want. Oh well, my hair looks something like this now.
I have no comment on my hair though. I look younger. Thats a good thing. But, I guess I look like a typical korean girl. Nooooo! Korean girls are so nerdy. Well, almost all of them, really. With the huge black framed glasses.

Oh yeah, guess what? I skipped school today. Muahaha. Cause there's some students affected by H1N1 and yesterday my mum was like, 'Hey, I think you better not go to school tomorrow'. I was like, 'Okay'. Lucky me ;D

Once again,



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Seng Hoo . said...

The H1N1 virus is spreading like bird flu man!
Goodness, it'll be fine but endangering the human race for heaven sake, might the end of the world no thanks to swines & boars yet we have them for roasted pork & char siew! LOL :DD

& wooooooo, those type of hair arh NERDDAYYY alright :D