Thursday, October 1, 2009


Very very very very very sleepy right now. My eyes are closing, seriously. Slept at 2.30 am yesterday. Yeah, i was texting. Till 2.30! Which means i only slept for 3 hours plus. But i was feelin' hyper last night. Lol.

Trying to sleep during History this morning. But failed to do so cause its noisy. People talking and all. Plus teacher is talking. I just closed my eyes. Lol. Thought of taking a good nap after school which supposed to be right now but i'm onlining -.- What the hell am i doing here anyway? Hahahaha. Guess i'm gonna sleep early tonight after watching Moonlight Resonance.

Speaking of that drama, its really awesome. But you feel like slapping some of the people there. Lol. Mofuing annoying man seriously.

Anyway time for some hot stuff.

Hot (;


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