Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Okay, continue about what happened yesterday.
I didn't go to school yesterday right? It was almost 9, and i was still sleeping. And suddenly, i heard like someone calling my name. No, it's more to shouting actually. And i kinda freaked out at that freakin' moment. It goes like this,
LOL. Idk how. You guys have to imagine that part.
The screaming got louder and louder. I thought somone came into the house and i totally freaked out. Oh and the person screaming was my maid. I didn't dare to go down coz it's scary? Lol. And then i decided to go down to have a look, but my maid kept screaming my name. I went back into my room, lock the door and called my mum. Oh btw, only me and my maid was at home that time.
I actually wanted to lock the other toilet door, coz both of our toilet's are attached to our rooms. And yeah, i saw her lying down on the sofa with her vomits like wtf. Oh and we ain't using the sofas so whatever. I asked her what happened, and she said she has stomach ache. I was like oh, uh huh.. I mean what do you want me to do right? I ain't a doctor. Pfft.
Mum came back and asked her what's her problem and she said she has stomache ache like what she told me and pening. What do you call pening in English already? Lol. Anyways, mum wanted to bring her to the doctor and so she went down stairs and when half way walking, she said she can't see anything coz she's pening.
And then the stupidest thing was she lied down on the stairs and totally gone mad. MAD. Yes MAD. No jokes, serious. She's like COMPLETELY POSESSED by some ghosts? Lol. She's like rolling here and there and mum asked her what's her problem she didn't say anything. And just kept shouting like a mad women.
I was very annoyed by her, and i shouted at her like real loud. I said,
I bet you guys can't imagine when i'm shouting. Oh well..hahahahahaha.
Anyway, mum called the ambulans. And brought her away. Lol. And the doctor says she has accute heart attack? Or something like that idk. But she has heart attack.
Wow, my house is like so damn peaceful without her here, seriously. But the bad thing was i have to do he dishes (i'm good at that) lololol. And iron the clothes. And blah. House chores.

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