Sunday, July 19, 2009


Went to church this morning. And after church, went down. And there's this guy, my mum says he's a lil mental though. lol. He was starring at me like one of a kind, I starred back at him and we kept starring at each other. So, I said ' What?' in cantonese. He replied the same thing in cantonese. And we kept ' WHAT-ING'. lol. Okay, I have to admit that I'm rude but I don't care seriously. Not that I'm scared of him. And I seriously feel like slapping him till his face turns dark red. You know, the colour of blood. Yeah, thats what I wanna do omg.

Anyway, I feel so tired and sleepy now. And I think I'm gonna fall sick. My nose keeps running away. LOL. hahahah. Grrr, yeah runny nose. I don't like it. I mean no one likes runny nose right? Tomorrows my oral. Arghhh, don't feel like doing it though.

Korean class at 6.30. Omg, I'm so lazy. I don't feel like doing anything now. I just wanna sleep. Oh, and eat =D But I don't like sleeping. Whatever ! Wth ? What am I crapping anyway? Uhh.
Until then.

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