Monday, August 31, 2009


Went for paintball yesterday. Was tired so i didn't blog about it yesterday. The people who went for paintball is KherShin, Jojo, LoongSheng, HongNian, UG, BryanL, BryanC, JianShyang, LoongSheng's bro, DiSheng and of cause Me.

We were told to reach at 1.30 but we ended up playing at almost 3. And wow, HongNian was the earliest too reach! 1.00 man, damn punctual. I mean too punctual. Haha. KherShin & I were the second and then comes Jojo, LoongSheng and the list goes on. Lol.

I kept telling Jojo that i wanna back out and i dont wanna play cause i'm scared of the pain. I told her like a trillion times and she's like okay, okay, okay. Lol. But at last i did play. Got shot twice. One in my waist and one in my hand and its swollen shit now. And my whole left arm is aching cause the gun thingy is bloody heavy that my hands are shaking. Lol.

Oh yeah! The head protector thingy smells like shit. Smells like those pork their selling in the wet market. Lol, seriously. And its wet. Yeah its other people's sweat. Ewwww. We had our body protectors on but the boys have none. Hahahaha. At first i thought it was very very pain when the ball thingy hit our body but its not that pain actually, really. And i didnt thought that paintball was awesome until i play it. Lol.

Hahahahahah. The funniest is theres one part where my team's opponent were all dead and i'm still shooting like crazy. They kept yelling but idk what the hell was going on. Still kept shooting and i shot LS's brother DiSheng from far (he's in my team btw) in the back or stomache? I forgot. And he's like 'OIIII WHO THE HELL SHOOT ME??!!!!' something like that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I felt so sorry, seriously. And i was laughing away. Lol.

I still can't except the fact that LS shot me!!! Urghhh %$##@!**&%. Next time, Jojo, next time, we'll shoot him right in the ass okay? HAHAHAHAHAHAH.


(Group picture from L-R)
KherShin, Me, Jojo, BryanL, LoongSheng, BryanC, UG, HongNian, JianSyang & Di Sheng.

The guys.

It's swollen. Lol.

BryanL's thigh. Shoot upper and he'll become Miss Bryan. Lol.

After paintball, went to LoongSheng's house to bathe and clean up. Man, your house is bloody huge? Lol. After bathing Jo played the PS with UG. Yes Jo, you sucked in football. Hahahaha. Then later, went down, Jojo and LS were playing the piano while deciding where to go. We went to the new Kopitiam at Gunung Rapat to eat and later to McD's for ice-cream!

Candid. At Kopitiam. -____________-

Hehehehehehehehehe. Candid !!!!!

This place looks familiar eh? Hahahaha.

Noooooooooooooooo !! School is tomorrow. Gahh. I don't wanna go to school. I haven't had enough of holidays yet. And the worst of all is, i haven't done any of my homework. And i actually forgot what to do. Lol. Hahahahaha. Whateverrrrrrr.

Anyway, arghhhhhhhhhh my left hand is aching like an ass, seriously. I can't even stretch it. Its bloody pain!! I think i'll stop here. This post is bloody long.


D said...

it was the head! and my leg...

MELANIE said...

huh? i shot your head and leg? i thought it was the back. LOL.