Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Question! : Will you ever date guys younger than you?

No. No no no no no no never. It's weird! Really. Even though it's 1 year apart and even though he's mature, no. Arghhh~

Okay, anyway let's get straight to the point. There's this Form2 guy from SMI, he said Hi to me on Facebook chat, and i replied him. It's mean not to reply people! But tbh, i don't really reply random people on Facebook, especially the lala ones. I replied this little kiddo cause i was bored, so yeah whatever.

We chatted like for a few minutes, like normal people do, introduced ourself and bla bla bla. He suddenly told me that he fought with his dad and was onlining in Cyber Cafe and planned not to go home that night. And so, i was like convincing him to go back and all. Type like a whole bunch of crap. I was like Omg, please go home. And say sorry to him. It's just a sorry! Bla bla bla.

And he say he will if his girlfriend ask him too but too bad he doesn't have one. And bla bla bla. Suddenly, he said he wanna pikat me. I was totally speechless and was like wtf? Convince him a little and he says he wanna pikat me? This is totally insane man. I can't imagine myself dating/going out with a Form2 guy. Yeah laugh all you want. Yeah, very funny huh? Stfu, thanks.

Anyway, enough of my old grandmother story already.

I've been addicted to this song. I listen to it everyday, day and night. People! Hear both songs! It's really really really awesome like 101% awesome. You can kill me if it's not nice, really. Although it's kinda old but still, go listen!

Click here


And yes Jonathan, you should feel very proud that i can only kill you once in my lifetime. Heh. Special eh?

Omg, i forgot what else i wanna write. Anyway, goodbye suckers.


Senghoo said...

Who's the guy wei? :)
Form two some more, lala type?

MELANIE said...

Dont know? He's Facebook name is Alfred Tan? And he says he has a bro name Aaron. Lol. Not lala, i think.